Fashion Friday: Alt

Oh Fashion Friday, you make my Fridays so much better! Being a freelancer can mean that Fridays are really no different than any other day. Fashion Friday? That makes them special again.

Since last Friday’s style was a bit out there for many folks, I wanted to find a really great day-to-day look that you could pick up with a quick walk through the mall but still really encapsulated the Sweet Geek Chic look without going too heavy into any of the words. When I came across this look The Sweetest Occasion put together for Alt Summit, I knew it was just right! She has the full deets for her look on the site, but it’s a great jumping off point and there’s a good chance you might have these pieces, or pieces just like them, in your closet already!

This one’s particularly important to me because I had a mini spaz attack last night about clothing. As some of you know, I’m a girl of epic proportions. Last night was birthday date night with the hubby and I found myself totally without anything to wear. In addition, I’d ordered a bunch of lingerie around the beginning of the year which finally arrived. After trying it on, about half of it fit, despite it being the exact same size and line I always order from. I was a member of the frustration nation! In fact, I posted this on Facebook:


I was thinking about it as I posted today’s Fashion Friday because, despite my height, I could easily rock this look. J.Crew makes their Perfect Shirt in tall sizes and more brands are making tall jeans. Assuming I can find a similar boot in a 10.5-11, I’m good. And this is still a really cute, and “Date Night with the Hubby” appropriate, look! I feel better now 🙂


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