Posts from the Past: My Teeny Halloweeny Party!

This year, I wanted to try my hand at a little party so I invited a few of my girlfriends over for a Halloween lunch and went all out, renting china and silverware, decorating the house, etc. We all had a fantastic time! Lunch was a butternut squash lasagna with a blue cheese spinach salad. I think it’s the most I’ve baked in a long time. The cake is a favorite of mine now. I love the pumpkin patch my husband helped me create on top.

For this PL spread, I leaned heavily on my favorite thing: glitter tape. I have a horrible obsession with glitter (as you’ll see in another upcoming post!) In addition, I used cards from:

Despite them being from different designers and in pretty different styles, they came together really well! 

Full Spread

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my Halloween! I’ll have another post soon about a trip the husband and I took right after this!


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