Easy Peasy Memory Keeping Options (That Won’t Require a Whole Closet of Supplies!)

With 2016 right around the corner, you may be wanting to get your photos off your phone and your memories onto a page in a more tangible way. Perhaps “start memory keeping” has made it onto your to do or resolutions list. Maybe you’re just trying to dip your toe into memory keeping or maybe you just don’t have the desire, time or space for “real” scrapbooking… there are loads of reasons why you might want to be memory keeping but traditional scrapbooking, even pocket-style, isn’t right for you. But don’t worry! I’m here to share two different types of projects which can scratch the same itch without the same requirements.

Traveler’s Notebooks, Hobonichi or other notebook

If you’re familiar with the planner scene on Instagram, you may have seen a couple of more open-ended options like the Midori Traveler’s Notebook system or Hobonichi. Both of these are really just notebooks. Additionally, there is a Smashbook system being sold (it’s still available at my local Michael’s) and all three of these, and really any notebook large enough for your tastes, work under the same principle. Basically, you take your notebook, any photos and memorabilia you have, gather up any supplies (such as stickers or stamps you have) and just start journaling. Glue in your pictures, add in your memorabilia, stamp it up a bit. Make it yours! I did this recently with a traveler’s notebook for my Disneyland journal: 

(you can see the rest of that entry here)  

It’s really easy and you can get a whole day done in an hour or so. The finished product also stores very nicely. Your options include a binder to keep all your inserts in or putting it into a cover, either just for your memory journals or one you use everyday for planning. When I was in my Midori full time, I really liked keeping these sort of memory journals in my main planner so I could flip to them and enjoy them whenever the feeling was right. 

I used a traveler’s notebook insert for this project because I had one available and I was using the system at the time. You could do this with a Hobonichi, Smashbook or really any notebook you like! Just understand that this way will start to make your notebook bulge from all the extra bits in it so pick your notebook with that in mind.

Memory Planners

This is a rather new entry to the scene but a great option! Heidi Swapp made one that kind of put the idea on the map, but since then several companies have thrown their hats into the ring: Simple Stories, Studio Calico and more. Each balances the memory keeping and planner aspects to different numbers. Heidi’s is at least 50%, if not more, memory keeping where as Studio Calico’s planner with Hello Forever is mostly planner with memory keeping options thanks to it being built with the same ring structure as their Handbooks. Since we’re talking memory keeping here and I’m quite familiar with it, owning one, I’ll discuss Heidi Swapp’s planner.

Included is monthly calendars across two pages and then enough weekly pages to get you through the month. Each day has two boxes, one blank and one lined. Both have plenty of decorating options available to you. There’s lots of room for your creativity to go wild without requiring you to put in a lot of time or effort. Again, you can do as much or little as you, your stash and your wallet allows. If you just want to add some printed photos, business cards or stickers, it’s all up to you! I really suggest heading to Pinterest or Instagram and seeing how others have used their binder. I’ve been really impressed!

(from Heidi’s site)

Also included are a few pocket scrapbooking inserts so if you are interested in trying it out, but not ready to do a full album, it’s a great way to start! For 2016, she’s released a few different sizes and if you have a Michael’s locally, some of them had gift box type sets that will get you all set up for the year.

I hope that this post helps those of you ready to start memory keeping. Honestly, I’ve been a Project Life-r for years but I’m thinking about moving to one of these types for 2016! If you have any other questions, about this or something else, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you! Have a great day and happy holidays!

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