About Me, Carolee Flatley, Creative Director

More about me soonish! I never know what to say!

Who Are Finn & Roo? Yes, they do exist!

Professor Phineas Tiberius Wigglebutts aka the Professor, Finn, Finny Bears, Buttface Killa, Bubba, etc.
  • Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi, tri-color
  • Birthday: February 15th, 2012

His birthday being the day after Valentine’s Day seems all the more appropriate when you see him walk away. His tiny tail makes a heart appear on his butt!


Ruby Evangeline McNubbins aka Peebles, Bean, etc.
  • Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Birthday: February 23rd, 2013

Ruby is my dream dog, a sweet kisser who loves naps and just hanging out. Her play eyes are bigger than her stomach and she often finds herself antagonizing her brother one second and hating herself for it the next.

What is Sweet Geek Chic?

The tagline here at finn & roo when we started out was “for your sparkling life” which is pretty appropriate for the type of stuff I enjoy and create. For the longest time, it was well known that pink was my favorite color (though it’s now probably purple!) I was one of those late 90s/early 00s happy hardcore raver kids. Even when I was a “goth”, I was still more in the glitter goth vein. Eventually, I stumbled upon Japanese fashion and dabbled in ganguro and lolita. Lolita is still one of my loves, though I don’t dress in it anymore, though I do have two well-stocked Pinterest boards dedicated to it!

Basically, throughout my life, I’ve wandered stylistically but I’ve found certain things repeating over and over and over again. Or they’re things that never really left, they just may have gone on walkabout for a bit. As I’ve worked more creatively, adding papercrafting to my life, I’ve finally been able to see my style made physical on a consistent basis and in doing so, it kind of smacked me over the head! To break it down:

SWEET – Both in color and motif. This includes pastel tones, cute animals, floral prints and soft fabrics.

GEEK – Both in the traditional sense (enjoying scifi, anime and comics) and in a stylistic sense (adding in librarian or geeky items like horn rimmed glasses or cardigan sweaters)

CHIC – Trying to mix styles can get messy, so always making sure it comes together well and look stylish, not dweeby!

Put it together and you get the tagline and stylistic direction for this site! To get a visual idea, check out the Fashion Friday posts!

FTC Disclaimer

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