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Meet Carolee

IMG 6846Once upon a time, I was like you probably are: full of big dreams of pretty planners, memories scrapped and in books, home decked out in holiday finest, year-round and way ahead of the day, beautiful meals on pretty plates. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place! You can get all of that done, I promise! In fact, you can have all that and then some, making your dream life come true. 

Hi, I’m Carolee and it’s my mission to share tips, tricks, and resources that help women who’ve been swept away by real-life craft the princess life they dream of! I want to see you use those stickers, that good china, and whatever else you have to make your life sparkling because I believe that whoever you are, it’s not that hard to add in those little bits of things that make you smile! 

As for me, I’m originally an east coast girl but I moved out to the west coast over 10 years ago, so I’m not sure I can even still call myself that! I’m married to my game designer husband and we live in LA with the real Finn & Roo! I noticed that my life had lost it’s sparkle and so, one day, I sat down at my computer and thought about my ideal day. I called it my Unicorn Day! It had things like fresh baked goodies, pretty dresses and a real tea time, things I’d loved as a child but lost in the hustle and bustle of real adult life. I was determined to bring that back and Finn & Roo is an exploration and log of me doing that. I hope this inspires you to join me!



Ten Facts About Me

  1. Before switching over to this more creative pursuit, I worked in tech. I’ve been a virtual assistant, an Apple tech at a video game company and a web developer. I still love playing with technology, but I’m glad it’s no longer my career!
  2. I’m 6’1” tall. I was doomed to be tall. My dad’s 6’4”, my mom’s 5’6” and my sisters are 5’9” and 5’11”. We’re just big folks. I really don’t mind being tall but it does mean all my sleeves are just a bit too short!
  3. While I have great life roommates, I have a few not-so-great body roommates. Along with Celiac Disease, I live with severe anxiety and depression and chronic pain of unknown origin. Thankfully, all but the pain is well managed so I’m able to live a mostly normal life. 
  4. I love video games! While I played more when I was younger, I still get obsessed with anything new from World of Warcraft and watch lots of Youtube videos and Twitch streams from game-related content creators. 
  5. My other major nerd habit is that I need to go see any new Marvel movies almost as soon as they come out. I love super hero movies and I’ve been known to dress like Captain America from time to time.
  6. I love Disney parks! I’ve been to all of the parks except Paris at this point and it’s definitely on my list to do in the next few years. 
  7. While Finny and Ruby weren’t my first dogs (a lovely Malamute mix named Maggie has that honor), I didn’t have dogs growing up. We had many kitties who I loved but I’ve always been a dog person. I’ve been told I’m a bit dog-like in my personality, so it just seems right!





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