Fashion Friday: The Little Bits


When I saw this photo in a post on Lingerie Addict about the new Spring/Summer collection from Knickerbocker, it gave me the idea for this whole post! Sometimes, it’s the little things, the bits and bobs that take a Plain Jane outfit to the next level and make it sweet or memorable! I think I really picked up on this idea while I was dressing in lolita. For work, I could put on a one piece and a pair of boots and be ready to go, but if I wanted to take it to the next level or look all put together for an event, it was time to start layering.

Now mind you, these cute underthings wouldn’t probably be viewable to anyone but you (and maybe a dear friend or lover) but cute underthings always add an extra spring to your step. Perhaps you also choose to wear thigh high stockings with a garter belt? This one from Purrfect Pineapples is adorable! I still have one I snatched up during the Liberty of London collaboration with Target. I’ll probably wear it until it’s worn out. Want the extra bit of sass that comes with wearing a garter belt but can’t find any stockings you like? Do what I do! Cut off your tights at the top of the leg. Mine haven’t frayed yet, but with a bit of craftability, you could sew it so that it didn’t in the future!


This cute set of earrings is absolutely perfect to add a little twinkle up near your eyes. As a general rule, I prefer posts over dangles, but choose which works best for you and your look. I really like these ones from NestPrettyThingsShop on Etsy (check out her shop! It’s full of cute accessories) but I’ve been known to rock a pair of donut earrings from Tokidoki, because, hey, donuts! Can’t go wrong there 🙂

Glasses are great for more face sparkle and you don’t even need to have vision problems to wear them anymore! A quick Etsy search returned TONS of vintage frames which generally come with non-prescription lenses in them. I recently got some custom Adventure Time glasses from PoppinCustoms which I really like. Also, Warby Parker makes some great frames and for each one you buy, they give one to someone in need.

Brooches are a great way to spice up a jacket, sweater or dress. There are tons of options available as well. You can go handcrafted and get one of the adorable felt ones you find on Etsy. I love HanaLetters, Zygomatics or, if you’re a brony or pegasister like I am, Pegasus Pins. Noialand and GingerMelon sell PDFs so you can make your own if that’s up your alley!

Up until about fifty or sixty years ago, women weren’t really dressed to leave the house without their hats. It’s fallen out of favor now, but that’s no reason not to try to resurrect it! There’s so many options and you can go either cute or retro, or a little of both:

hatsfrom MiriamLealaggspinupcoutureSheenasBellaBows and Angelic Pretty (1, 2)


But I feel like I need to quote Coco Chanel here and say:

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

This is super sound advice. Sometimes all this stuff can just look busy. Take a good look at yourself in a full length mirror. Is there one thing that stands out as too much? If so, take it off or, if it’s required by polite society, replace it with something more toned down or neutral.

There are so many other things I thought of but in an effort not to make this post gigantic and overwhelming, I kept it to these. I’m assuming there’s so much left to mine here, I’ll be doing another one soon!


Fashion Friday: Alt

Oh Fashion Friday, you make my Fridays so much better! Being a freelancer can mean that Fridays are really no different than any other day. Fashion Friday? That makes them special again.

Since last Friday’s style was a bit out there for many folks, I wanted to find a really great day-to-day look that you could pick up with a quick walk through the mall but still really encapsulated the Sweet Geek Chic look without going too heavy into any of the words. When I came across this look The Sweetest Occasion put together for Alt Summit, I knew it was just right! She has the full deets for her look on the site, but it’s a great jumping off point and there’s a good chance you might have these pieces, or pieces just like them, in your closet already!

This one’s particularly important to me because I had a mini spaz attack last night about clothing. As some of you know, I’m a girl of epic proportions. Last night was birthday date night with the hubby and I found myself totally without anything to wear. In addition, I’d ordered a bunch of lingerie around the beginning of the year which finally arrived. After trying it on, about half of it fit, despite it being the exact same size and line I always order from. I was a member of the frustration nation! In fact, I posted this on Facebook:


I was thinking about it as I posted today’s Fashion Friday because, despite my height, I could easily rock this look. J.Crew makes their Perfect Shirt in tall sizes and more brands are making tall jeans. Assuming I can find a similar boot in a 10.5-11, I’m good. And this is still a really cute, and “Date Night with the Hubby” appropriate, look! I feel better now 🙂


Fashion Friday: A Sweet Lolita Look!

Welcome to the very first Fashion Friday! I’ve decided to add a few new weekly posts and this is the first of them! I find so many cute things in my travels on the Internet and I wanted to share them with you all!

The finn & roo look can be described as sweet geek chic and I want to starting showing off real world examples. However, if I had to describe it in words, you can break it down into:

SWEET – Both in color and motif. This includes pastel tones, cute animals, floral prints and soft fabrics.

GEEK – Both in the traditional sense (enjoying scifi, anime and comics) and in a stylistic sense (adding in geek chic items like horn rimmed glasses or cardigan sweaters)

CHIC – Trying to mix styles that aren’t usually brought together can get messy, so always making sure it comes together well and looks stylish!

56787645273331494_Vvsbc0pX_cI feel like this outfit, put together by Angelic Pretty USA and posted on their Facebook page, is a perfect representation of a sweet lolita SGC look. The colors are light and there’s lots of lace. The cardigan ties it together, adding more cuteness and a wink of nerd.

I think that it may be lacking a bit in the chic department, but that’s easily fixed by taking the skirt/cutsew combo and swapping it for this jumper and blouse look from the same Royal Chocolate line. Another option would be adding a less busy cardigan and trading the headband for a beret. This look was intentionally made to be casual but it’s very easy to take the same pieces and dress them up as you can see in a look like this, which adds one of their coats to the mix!

For another couple of looks from their Facebook page that I think fit the style, check out these out:

Let me know what you think of the new Friday posts! Also, if you have an idea for a great post, send that along too! I’d love to feature stuff on the blog!