Wardrobe Wednesday: Action Steps

So, now that we’ve established where we want to be, we need to start taking action toward getting there!

1) Get clear on your “brand” and what you really need.

Ask yourself, What do you want your clothing to say about you? What do you want that first impression to be? Give yourself some time to daydream and think…

Then ask, What sort of clothing do you need in your life? For example, the person who needs a suit for work has very different needs than the person who works in a casual office or is a stay-at-home mom. Or maybe, like me, you’re often cold, even in summer, so you need to be aware of sleeve length and having your legs covered. If you go to a lot of parties or have a hobby where more formal attire is required, you’ll need to factor that in as well.

This is also an opportunity for you to radically change your answer to both of those questions, so if you’ve ever wanted to, now is that time! Maybe you wish you had more sparkling party dresses. Maybe you hate being underdressed. Factor that in here.

2) Clean out your current closet.

Take an afternoon, get yourself your favorite non-alcoholic beverage (you need to be of sound mind for this process!) and a friend or some fantastic music and go through everything and put it in three piles: love, TLC and other.

  • What do you love that loves you back? Make sure it’s hung and well cared for. Make a note of it in a notebook so that you’re aware of it and can remove it from your possible lists of needs.
  • Anything you love that needs a little TLC? Show it the love and either fix it yourself (you’d be surprised how easy a button is to fix) or send it to someone who can fix it for you. Again, add it to the list of haves and move on.
  • Not right? Doesn’t fit? It goes into the other pile. Grab some big black garbage bags and get rid of it. Either give it to a friend who will love it or donate it to charity. I always tell myself, “oh, I’ll put it on eBay or etsy!” but realistically, the time I put into it never pays out. If you have some fantastic vintage finds that make a killing on one or the other, go ahead but 99.9% of the time, it’s better to just give it away and get it out of the closet.

BTW, this is directly applicable to anywhere else in your life, including but not limited to your computer, your jewelry drawer, your cosmetics case… the list goes on and on!

3) Ask yourself, What would best serve you right now?

When I gave the massive list last Wednesday, you may have thought to yourself (like I did), “Oh my goodness… I like this idea, but rebuilding? That’s going to get really expensive!” and it potentially can. But, here are three questions you can ask yourself to help:

  1. What can you spend right now? Give yourself a number.
  2. When’s the next time you’ll be able to spend another big chunk?
  3. What pieces do I really need between then and now?

Answer these three questions honestly and that will give you an idea of what you should start window shopping for.

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Wardrobe Wednesday: The Beginning!

I’m switching it up for a few weeks in favor of a “real life series” I’d like to do.

a dreamy wardrobe…

“How does one manage to be well dressed? Planning your wardrobe is the answer. A wardrobe of clothes which are becoming to you and which are appropriate to the occasion do not just happen to collect in your closet.”

Guide to Modern Clothing

Sure, the quote above has a copyright date of 1962 but that doesn’t make it any less true today than it was then! I know that in my own life, I’ve had a very “fly by the seat of my pants” approach, if you’ll excuse the pun, to my wardrobe and it shows! I’m rarely to never prepared for anything beyond walking the dog or going to the grocery store and even that’s a little sketchy at best! Any time I have something more needy than that, from a friend’s birthday soiree to a public event or a vacation, I’m totally stumped. Often, I resort to something that’s ill fitting, either on me or for the occasion.

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Wordy Wednesday: The Everyday


I didn’t realize how important this was until recently. Until recently, I’d been kind of just getting through life, not making a lot of choices, but doing what felt right in the moment. This leads to a lot of wasted time and wasted time honestly leads to disappointment for me. Why didn’t I finish this project? Why is my apartment a disaster? Oh, because I felt like watching movies all day or I’m doing work I can do but not really enjoying or making a lot of money off of. Which was more important to me in the long term?, I asked myself. I discovered that fostering my creativity was so I focused on that. I made a few decisions:

First, I would get out of tech for reals this time. My intention when I left my office job was to go back to school to study psych. But after really looking at why I wanted to do that, I realized I would be wasting good time and money. Because I’m smart, it was expected that I would go far. I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t care so much as I wanted the status and to prove others right. Status isn’t that big a draw for me.

Secondly, I decided to take my crafting more seriously. I started trying to get to it every single day. I had to train myself not to get down on myself if I was having a block. That switch from intellectual problem solver to creator is still a bit sketch, but I’m giving myself the time and patience, thankfully, to find my way.

I still have a lot further to go. I’d like to have a good morning and evening routine that support my creativity. I need to continue working on a regular basis and posting up WIPs or finished stuff. But that’s all for another day. Today I’m just happy that I can finish a card for a friend 🙂

What’s your everyday like? Is it supporting where you want to be? How do you want to grow? Let me know in the comments!