Love Live the School Idol Movie: Review and Project Life Page

Last Sunday, my Otome Team friends and I headed to downtown LA to catch a viewing of Love Live the School Idol movie. We’re all big fans of the show and so when we saw tickets were available, we snatched some up! It was in a tiny one screen theater downtown but it was a just-right size for this movie. It was really cute to see all the seiyuu (voice actresses) introduce the movie and there was a quick catch-up before the movie starts. I won’t ruin it for anyone but, while I liked the movie, I wasn’t a big fan. I think I wanted something more out of it. Like I said, I won’t go further into it, but all in all, there were a couple things I wanted to happen that, sadly, didn’t. I’m looking forward to watching it again though. I felt the same way coming out of Pacific Rim and on rewatch, with new perspective on what I could expect, I liked it quite a bit more!  
But you’re not here for a review (or maybe you are!), you’re here for the crafting! I didn’t have much from the actual movie but I did keep the ticket and I’d taken some pictures from around the theater which was decorated a bit. Luckily, my friend Elie had taken a really cute picture of us with our friend Sarah which I snagged from her Facebook feed and printed on my Instax Share.
I knew that the pictures I’d end up using in the landscape 4×6 slots were of the character posters they’d lined up along the wall as you entered. Because this would be pretty colorful, I wanted to keep the rest of my color palette to a minimum. The first cards I chose were the 3x4s which are from the Becky Higgins Happy Edition core kit. After that, I pulled a couple of cards from my stash. Most likely they’re from Studio Calico kits from ancient times but I can’t remember which ones! The stamps are from Best Days, a set by Christine Herrin for Kelly Purkey last year. I like the mix of script and standard fonts. It adds a bit of interest without overloading it or adding a lot of busyness.
After that, I put the pictures in (edited with RadLab which I’m a huge fan of!), leaving them as is. Often times, I add embellishments to my photos to help tie them into the spread but I liked the look of these two as they were.

Aside from the photos (which required a quick trip to Staples for ink) I was able to get this together in about an hour. Super quick and looks great! I’m really pleased with it! I’m hoping to start getting more spreads together and into my album over the next few weeks. See you during the next one!

Project Mouse: My 30th Birthday

Project Mouse

My 30th Birthday

I’m still having so much fun with the Project Mouse stuff that I did another page for a past visit! This time it was January 27th and 28th, 2012 aka my 30th birthday! I splurged and spent quite a bit of money for us to stay at the Grand Californian hotel and it was worth every penny. The room was amazing, as was the hotel. We had a wrap-around porch that we could watch the fireworks from, a big comfy bed and a great experience overall. We can’t wait to do it again!

Project Mouse: Our “Honeymoon” and Ryan’s First Trip

Project Mouse

Our Wedding Trip

I was so stoked after finding and purchasing the second Project Mouse kit that I knew it was time for me to play with it a bit. For ease, I did this one all digital. I love digital since my Photoshop skill set seems appropriately created for just this purpose. There’s still a lot of things I can’t do in Photoshop, but all the things I’d need to do for something like this? Got it!

Our friends Chris and Amanda were kind enough to be the witnesses at my husband and my courthouse wedding. At our post-wedding lunch, they let us know they’d cleared their schedule for us. What did we want to do? There were some suggestions, but I knew exactly what I’d wanted to do. I’d been back in California for four months. It was time. I wanted to go to Disneyland! So, we all hopped in the car and took off south to Anaheim.

It was Ryan’s first time so he got that button when we got our passes, but our friends snuck around and got us the Just Married buttons as well! Nothing makes your new nuptials seem real like every cast member you meet congratulating you! We had a fantastic day and, though we’ve all been back several times since, this time will always be very special to me.

I hope that, if you’re a Disney fan, you check out Project Mouse! While it’s clearly well suited for documenting your trip, as you can see, it’d be great for a lot of different projects. Check out the Flickr group to see what people are creating with it and maybe add your own? That’s what I’m going to do right now!

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I accidentally gave myself the best Valentine’s Day gift yet! Our poor little Finny Bears finally went under the knife for his neutering and so I have a nice quiet morning to myself! Yahoo! I hope you all are having a fantastic day! Here are some of the things I loved this week:

Project Life 2013 Style: Check out how Steph organizes her core kit. Very cool and it makes it much easier to find the card you want!

TOMS x Shabby Chic: A match made in heaven! I really want to get my hands on those wedges!

Life in Pictures: Social Media Journal Cards: Great cards for including memorable tweets and Facebook updates in your Project Life set up!

How to Decorate with Pastels: I love Lonny. After my dear departed Domino left this earth, it’s been a fine replacement. In this post, they talk about how to work more pastels into your current home, something any SGC girl is probably interested in!

25 Glitter Projects for Crafty Chicks: Glitter. Nuf said.

Project Life Core Kit Olive Edition on Sale: I believe this is today only so grab it if you can!

イーブイ★フレンズ舞台裏 by トラ猫 on pixiv

Happy Monday!

P1020409My new Nendoroid!


Happy Monday everyone! I feel that I should mention that this is the second draft of this post. After some tech issues ate the first one, I decided to embrace the Happy Monday theme and get out of my seat. I had a couple of quick errands to run and as I was walking to the store to get a prescription refilled, I see a girl walking with some flowers. So, why not grab some as well? I got myself a bouquet with some hydrangeas and yellow lilies, then mixed in some lilac roses. Pretty nice, huh?

I decided to bite the bullet and try some of the Photoshop Actions from Adrienne Looman on Two Peas. I used Soft Tea on this one (as well as the Cath Kidston picture below) and I really adore them. It’s clearly not as versatile as, say, RadLab but they add a quick pretty factor to point-and-shoot photos.

cathkidAdditionally, my Cath Kidston order arrived at my front door today! A new day bag, clasp purse and keyring (desperately needed! I kept losing my keys!) for me and a new collar and leash for Finny. Can’t wait to see how cute it looks on him! He looks pretty handsome in blue, so it’s definitely his color!

This weekend was a well needed and well deserved lazy weekend. Some epic timing allowed for us to take care of some pretty serious business (Picking up my new figures on Saturday and my repaired iMac on Sunday) but outside of that, we lazed about. I’d caught a pretty standard case of the ick, so I used the rest well. Additionally, Finny got some good out and about time in since we took him with us both days.

Finally, on Friday, I managed to get over my creative dry spell after some new paper showed up!

It’s not a lot, but it’s progress! Right now, I’m waiting on our table being delivered. Once that happens, I’m hoping to do a bit more crafting!

Week Three @ finn & roo

Usually I post up my work but since this week has been kind of nuts, it’s time to do a work in progress post! There’s a couple spots where I’ve been making some progress: Project Life and Interiors!

Project Life

I would be showing you my new week two and week three Project Life spreads today but SOMEONE *coughMEcough* forgot to buy printer ink so she couldn’t print out any photos! Oops! I’ll go grab some tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have those up early next week.

Project lifeI ordered myself a Seafoam Project Life kit and didn’t really like it once I looked through it. I think, ultimately, I’m just not a core kit person. I’ve decided to DIY myself a kit. How am I doing this? Lots and lots of digital paper purchases from Etsy! I pretty much went nuts and purchased all the papers I found that I liked. After that, I printed them out on letter sized card stock and cut at least one 4×6 and as many 3x4s as I could. At right, you’ll see some of the 4×6 cards I made from this paper from Graphic Market on Etsy. I also cut some out of a tan gingham paper I had as well as some of my Studio Calico wood patterned card stock.

After the success I had with my first purchase, I went back and purchased quite a few more paper packs, which I’ll show and link to as I use them. I know a lot of people go immediately to scrapbooking stores and websites, but remember, Etsy and your home printer can be your best Project Life friends! At some point, I’ll probably put together a best of post to show you all some of the things I like!

Not having ink also forced me to experiment more with my Cameo. Rather than do hybrid week cards, I just grabbed some complementary papers, cut the information out of one and then created a little paper sandwich. I’m actually really pleased with them. I definitely prefer the scrappier look.



Another project I’m working on is Finn’s “baby book”. Finny’s going to be one year old on Feb 15th, so I thought I’d start on this project now so once it gets to be his birthday, I can finish it up. I don’t think I’m going to end up keeping the book. I may end up sending it to one of my moms since they’re always wanting pictures of the grandkid. This project is a little outside of my usual range because I’m intentionally trying to make it as masculine as I can while still maintaining my cute and sweet style. The chevron cover and the colors in the paper pack I’m using toughen it up a bit, but let’s be fair, it’s still me and this is a baby book, so it’s still going to be pretty twee. Once I get more ink, I’ll be powering through this so expect to see some finished results soon!


Common Area Color SchemeI’ve actually made a ton of progress on this front. Most of the new stuff I ordered arrived. I’m still waiting on the table and I hope it comes before next Saturday. I’m having my big 31st birthday at the house and the extra table space would be appreciated!

The chairs and bench have arrived and I really like them. Nice, stable and super cute! The chairs came pre-built (YAY!) so I only had to put the bench together. Many years of IKEA furniture has made me pretty handy with those tiny little wrenches. If I actually ever start doing interior design work and I have to help build things, I’ll definitely be investing in some better tools. Building that bench took three times as long as it should have because all I had was the silly little wrench they give you.

The image I’ve included with this section is a rough idea of what the color scheme will be for the living area. A friend suggested adding chocolate brown to the mix as well and I couldn’t agree more! In fact, on Friday, I grabbed a few yards of the Tilda Emma fabric in “grey-brown” to use for decorating (and maybe a skirt or dress!) so that will be there too. As the space comes together, I’ll take more photos. The first will probably be the dining area once the table arrives.

After that, I’ll be abusing my Cath Kidston Sew! book. I just flipped through it again and there are so many things I can create for the space with the patterns included. If you’re a fan of her style, you should definitely check it out!

Happy New Year’s 2013!

New Year's Eve!I hope everyone had a great holiday! Mine was generally quiet which was what I was looking forward to! I was able to spend Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas and New Year’s with friends and had a pretty raucous party in between for the UFC heavyweight bout!

This was my New Year’s Eve. I’ve been working on a project with the hubby and part of it is playing as many board games as I can with as many different people as I can. Sadly, I got pretty tired out over the day so I had kind of checked out of this game of Agricola but we got really  into Spaceteam after the ball dropped. If you have an iOS device, check it out!

Also, the handsome little pup in the picture was my midnight kiss. Thankfully, my husband’s not the jealous type!

But with the new year comes new projects! I worried that I’d overbooked myself this year because I’d signed up for the Studio Calico Day By Day Project Life class as well as One Little Word and 31 Things with Ali Edwards. However, after I realized that I’d have all of New Year’s Day to myself, I took the opportunity to get some prep and such started.

OLW January

After watching the intro video, it was time to get started with OLW for January. My word for 2013 is CREATE. While I’m not totally finished (I still need to get my intentions written and onto cards), I got the non-intention base cards done! I started out with some images I’d found with quotes I liked, but I’m finding that I eventually don’t like the look of that. It seems sloppy when I look back on it. So with this, I took the quote and created cards using the Meant to Be pack from Paislee Press. After that, I looked up create in the dictionary and thesaurus and copy pasted what I found there onto 4×6 cards. I’m planning to use the rest of the blank spaces to fill in with my monthly intentions. I’ll be brainstorming those tomorrow, I hope.

Now, if you’re also doing OLW with Ali, you’ll notice I chose a different format for my layout. She suggests 8.5×11 and nine pocket page protectors. Because I wanted to keep everything for the year, including OLW, in the same binder, I went with a pack of G Design protectors from Becky Higgins. At 10″x12″, they are slightly smaller than the other pages surrounding them so they do stand out. I think I’m going to grab some more of these to insert into the monthly sections of Project Life for trips and special events because I really like the layout.

After that, I started work on 31 Things. I signed up for the class in late December, but I’d held off on starting until now. Luckily, the process for 31 Things, outside of the writing is surprisingly easy, even when doing it hybrid like I am.


I picked my base paper (I got this one out of the Studio Calico Penn Station add-on kit from last month) and got started on the process of putting it together. I had already printed the page numbers, so I just cut those and added them with double sided tape. Next, I set up and shot the picture. After some editing with RadLab, I added that day’s title and printed the photo, adding that to the page. Now for the hardest part, writing! It was writing about jewelry. I’m not a jewelry person. On an average day, I don’t wear any and often, if I’m going out, I’ll keep it to one piece. Heck, I don’t even have a wedding or engagement ring! So, this one was a particularly hard one to write, esp. since I’m not against jewelry, I just think I’m too lazy for it!

pltitleLastly, I started on my Project Life pages. This is definitely still a work in progress for two reasons:

1. There are a few cards from the Studio Calico Project Life kit that I know I’ll be integrating into the page.
2. We’re missing a family member! Ruby, our next corgi, will be joining the family this year and her space won’t get filled until she joins us!

So far, it’s just some photos of the three of us which I stuck to 3×4 cards and trimmed with washi tape. I’m not sure where I got the star card that currently sits in Ruby’s spot, but I’m positive it was one of the Studio Calico kits. The name card is an IaCB geometric journalling card that I added sticker letters to (from the same Penn Station kit.) The other side has a quick Currents card that pulled together today.

This is my first year starting in January for Project Life and my first time doing the title page. I really like it! As I mentioned when talking about OLW, I’ve learned so much these couple of months and learned that I really enjoy looking back on the things I put a lot of effort into. I can tell where I was being lazy! So, I took a lot of time on this page because I know I’m going to want to look back on it fondly!

jandivThe last new addition to my Project Life binder in 2013 is some monthly dividers. While I was digging through my page protectors, I discovered I’d also purchased some Design I pages! The nice thing about Design I is that it’s just got those three square spots. This makes them great for small scrappy things or Instagram photos. I’m hoping to make it sort of a “best of” for the month as well as a divider. Currently, it just has two squares filled. The first will be the actual title once I find or cut some letters I like. The paper is something I got as a member of the Roost Tribe. The next square down holds a card of unknown origin that I printed long ago. I had to cut it down to fit, so I added a pre-designed banner I cut with my Cameo. The paper’s just the red version of the one above it.

I’m really excited about what this year holds for me and paper crafting! On top of all this life logging, I’ve got cards to make and a board game to create. I hope you’ll stay with me here and will enjoy what I share through the year!

Oh, and I’ll be posting a New Year’s goals list shortly. I found an old list I did a few years back so it’ll include how I did on those and where I hope to be at the end of 2013. Comment below with a link to or list of your goals for this year. Maybe we have some that are shared!