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My Own Pony

fluttershy.jpgThis seems like a pretty basic layout and it is, but there were a lot of steps that went into it!

First, I took a sheet of MSC light yellow paper and tore it down the middle. Next, I sprayed it quickly with Mister Huey’s in gold to give it a bit of back sparkle.

I’d been intending to start making cutie mark cut files for my Silhouette and I figured now was the time. With a little Photoshop work, I was able to separate the vectors into the different colors, then use Silhouette Studio to create the files. I cut those and then placed them down on the bottom half of the page.

Next I laid down the pictures I intended to use. The labels came next (Martha Stewart’s Staples collection). Finally, I added the title (top: MSC Valentine’s Day; bottom: American Crafts in Begonia).

When I looked at it overall, it felt like it had a solid foundation, but was lacking. There was a lot of empty space that needed filling and the big image at the top had way too much white space. So, I grabbed some of my Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine’s Day stickers and started sticking them around randomly. Next, I grabbed the mist able feathers I have from Studio Calico and misted them in Fluttershy’s main colors. After placing them, it looked much better!

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